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Is-Serkin – Pastizzi 24/7
Pastizzi shops come by the dozens. There’s one, three or more in practically every town and village in Malta. But the Crystal Palace in Rabat is something else again. Known by its nickname of Is-Serkin (the horse sulky) this
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Island Tips: A Brief Guide to Malta
Both taxis and buses in Malta are easily identifiable as their registration plates both read ‘BUS’ and ‘TAXI’ respectively. The islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino together are smaller than the area inside the M25. Malta’s capital city used
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Experiences Not to Be Missed in Malta
Mdina Once Malta’s busy capital, Mdina is now known as the ‘The Silent City’. This attraction cannot be missed. Those who’ve been there all comment on its staggering beauty and surreal serenity. Its nickname comes from the tranquil silence that falls
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The Valletta Waterfront – Urban Regeneration at its Best
The popular Valletta Waterfront must rank as one of the best regeneration projects undertaken in Malta in recent years. The project started in 2002 and was completed by 2007, transforming the abandoned baroque wharf in a highly imaginative way
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Tour Ta’ Malta 21st Edition
Amateur and professional cyclists will no doubt be oiling their chains, taking deep breaths and getting out their best spandex outfits in preparation for Malta’s most-respected and anticipated cycling event this year. The Tour Ta’ Malta 21st edition commences
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Turning Swords into Ploughshares (well sort of)
  In the years leading up to World War II the British sought to further fortify Malta. Defensive strategies at the time favoured the use of small pillboxes and field defences rather than the more elaborate fort building of
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