Christmas in Malta

22 December 2017

The Maltese celebrate Christmas in Grand Style. Homes are decorated and the festive cheer and spirit lights up the island quite literally with every town and shopping area adorned with beautiful Christmas lights and the sound of Carols playing blissfully all around.

Christmas in Valletta

Christmas in Valletta

Christmas in Malta is a mild affair, with temperatures ranging between 10 and 22 degrees. Its perfect for all the activities over the festive period and boy are there a number to choose from.

Mdina Glass Christmas Tree

Mdina Glass Christmas Tree made from over 2000 glass baubles

Malta Christmas Festival sees international bands, majorettes and folk groups participate in various performances and street parades. Carol services, Christmas markets and a host of Christmas themed events are available for everyone to visit and participate in. Restaurants, bars and hotels all provide entertainment over the Christmas and New Year period so you are sure to find somewhere to enjoy the festivities.

A popular event for everyone is the annual Pantomime, held in venues across Malta and at the Manoel Theatre, it provides great entertainment from slapstick for children to a bit of satire for the adults.

Check Out our Events Guide so see what’s on during your stay.



The small village of Ghajnsielem in Gozo is home to an animated nativity village. 150 actors come together to animate the crib, including three newborns and re-create the timeless story of Nativity. The ‘animated crib’ spans over 20,000sqm of fields on the ‘Ta Passi’ fields which is known as Bethlehem f Ghajnsielem. It’s a truly amazing place where horses turn mills, villagers go about their jobs, shepherds inhabit caves, animals roam in enclosed spaces and a poor unknown couple tend their newly-born in a grotto. Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem promises a naturalistic reproduction of the environ of Bethlehem of 2000 years ago.

Christmas has become a social aspect in many regions of the world, however, in Malta the Nativity theme is central and plays a significant role in the islands and Christmas traditions are very much alive.

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Although the whole month of December is a build up to Christmas, it all really starts on Christmas Eve where late night processions with children dressed up as the Virgin Mary, St Joseph, The Three Wise Men and Shepherds lead to the local church. Midnight Mass is celebrated in most churches, tradition a Christmas Sermon is delivered by a young child normally around 7-10 years old.

With the mild weather, lots of activities, a friendly and festive atmosphere, Christmas is really a great time to be in Malta!

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  1. Konrad Mizzi

    I have been to malta but not in Christmas time. but still like the place. nice post.

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