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11 July 2017 3 Comments

Sue Mifsud is a familiar name on the Maltese ceramics scene. Except that in spite of her very Maltese surname she still holds a British passport. Sue – originally from the West Midlands –

20 June 2017 1 Comment

Rabat and Mdina contain a wealth of sights and it is quite easy to overlook one of the area’s lesser visited but highly engaging museums – The Wignacourt Collegiate Museum. Located

13 June 2017 No Comments

Books highlighting Malta’s rich artistic legacy in art and architecture have flourished in recent years and there is a wide choice of such publications available in bookshops all over the islands. The art scene in Malta is also a

31 May 2017 No Comments

If you’re going on holiday with children this year, have you thought about how to keep them happy and entertained on the journey?

A family holiday can be a great adventure, especially for young travellers. Being prepared and keeping children

24 May 2017 1 Comment

The town of Rabat sits proudly on top of a hill in the centre of Malta. Though perhaps playing second fiddle to the more visited Mdina next door, Rabat is a highly interesting historical town. Tracing its origins to

18 May 2017 No Comments

The area to the north of Gozo’s Dwejra, (whose former top draw the Azure Window sadly collapsed into the sea in March 2017) is one

25 April 2017 No Comments

Hobz Biz-Zejt is a favourite snack in Malta and Gozo. Not only is it tasty, it is very simple to make; an ideal nibble, especially for picnics.

The main ingredients are bread, tomatoes , olive oil, salt

10 April 2017 No Comments

Gnejna Bay is hugely popular in summer. The small stretch of sands can fill up quite quickly and sometimes even the car park runs out of spaces. In the winter and spring months it’s a somewhat different story and

01 April 2017 No Comments

On the 27th of June the annual Isle of MTV music event will kick off on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta for the 11th time in the event’s history.

The flagship event (which is free) is part of Malta music week

28 March 2017 No Comments

For a country so small, the Maltese islands have a vast array of flora and fauna. While the fauna consists of mostly small animals whose tendency is to scurry and shy away from people, the flora does not bother