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08 May 2018 No Comments

Malta may be a small island but it’s huge when it comes to culture, history and heritage!

Heritage Malta is the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. Their mission is to ensure that elements of cultural heritage

27 March 2018 2 Comments

Britain has had a long connection with the Maltese Islands mainly dating back to the early 1800’s after assisting the Maltese to expel the French. Two of the most well-known and more recent events connecting the Islands are the

14 March 2018 No Comments

A small island located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta has a great reputation for providing some incredible seafood with it’s waters teeming with fish. This means that Malta is also a fantastic place for fishing fans!


12 February 2018 1 Comment

LGBT in Malta. From the outside Malta may not be known for its LGBT community but you may be surprised to learn that it is arguably the number 1 destination.

Malta is a highly

10 January 2018 No Comments

From my own experiences of Valletta I know just what an incredible city it is. Now you do not only have to take my word for it – Valletta has been named Capital of Culture for 2018.

There are so

22 December 2017 1 Comment

The Maltese celebrate Christmas in Grand Style. Homes are decorated and the festive cheer and spirit lights up the island quite literally with every town and shopping area adorned with beautiful Christmas lights and the sound of Carols playing

12 December 2017 No Comments

Marsascala was once a sleepy fishing hamlet – practically a remote outpost of the town of Zabbar a couple of miles up the road. Its idyllic location – nestled at the end of a valley and opening on to

30 November 2017 No Comments

The British Empire colonised Malta at the beginning of the 19th century – soon after the Knights of St. John ceded the islands to Napoleon’s forces in 1798; and which were in turn forced to flee the islands after

20 November 2017 No Comments

The small seaside village of Kalkara and is all too often overlooked by people who visit the nearby three walled cities of the Cottonera. Lying just outside and on the furthest

22 October 2017 1 Comment

The Maltese Islands have a history that stretches back to some 7000 years. The first settlers from nearby Sicily probably made the sixty mile crossing on rudimentary sea craft but soon enough the settlers developed a culture which is