Sailing in Malta

20 March 2015

sailing in Malta Sailing, targeted to those who like to experience adventure, the sea and its outdoor natural forces.. requires certain basic setting criteria to ensure a pleasurable experience. Maximizing these criteria potentials extenuates the limits of your alfresco experience. So why sail in Malta? At the heart of the Mediterranean, the archipelago of Malta stands tall under the branch of the sailing community. Possessing a balance of beautiful transcendent scenery and advantageous climate, Malta is known to offer the availability of a successful fun and relaxing adventure. It is known to be a country with thousands of years of history, amazing beauties, eclectic mixture of various cultures and excellent sailing conditions. Influenced by Africa, Italy, Great Britain and the Arabic world, Malta is descendent of a mixture of inter-cultural customs that adds further value to ones’ experience. Above of the islands’ historical beauty and traditions, prestige is conferred from its many bays that sizzle under the scorching Summer sun, which can be better enjoyed on bareboat or skippered yacht charter. During the winter season however, winds provide excellent conditions for related sports under the spectrum such as boat racing, highly supported by local sailing clubs. Most prominently, one cannot miss out on the Rolex Middle Sea Race and the Malta – Syracuse Race held each year as part of the isle’s full racing agenda during the colder months. But sailing is not a sport restricted to the travel wanderers in search for a new adventure. Many locals have understood the concept of sailing as not the all-thought elite sport requiring a lot of cash, but is in fact accessible to the larger public. Additionally, expats may look for wider horizons at the edge of the coast rather than the obvious limitations of the island’s land coverage that allows broader profundity given the 360 degree frame of water. So learning how to explore the waters is also a matter of progressing ones’ quality of life and taking the islands’ resources to a further level. The island provides clubs, schools and all the equipment necessary for all this, and is equally efficient in this provision. So having established that the isle provides the appropriate locale, provisions are available and the market is reachable to tourists, locals as well as the foreign public who have established themselves here on a longer term, you can now discover a whole new way of getting away! Restore yourself, break the routine, get some real fresh air as you play with the wind and current at the core of Mediterranean unequalled cultural goodness. Sailing around this historical icon will mark your travel experience or add value to a prolonged journey in life! Book a boat or learn how to do it yourself and make your sailing in Malta holiday come true in style and in comfort. For more about learning how to sail and yacht charters:

At Anchor in Dwerja, Gozo.

At Anchor in Dwerja, Gozo.

7 Responses To Sailing in Malta
  1. Extremely satisfied student!

    The course was great and highly professional. Vessel, all utilities and training was first class and on top of it Maltese environment provided unique setting for both good theory and practise. Paul Waters has been one of the best instructors one could hope for: someone who can discern what is important in general and in detail and yet can keep it all very focused and coherent and also explain highly complicated matters in an easy-to-follow manner and logically. I highly recommend for anyone who may be wondering whether they should participate just to enter – benefits and great experience well exceed the cost.

  2. Carmelo Majuri

    Very good experience. Professionalism, organization, hospitality and friendliness are, in my opinion, your strengths. My instructor was very patient and kind with a very high capacity for teaching.

  3. Roberto Faro

    Excellent communication by all the instructors.
    They pledged to involve me, though I do not speak a good English.
    Fortunately, they also know a decent Italian (and I suspect many other languages).
    I am happy to have participated in their boating courses.

  4. Tommaso C

    Day skipper shorebased theory:
    The course is very interesting, short but condensed, intense and complete. It gives very good basic for navigation, and the right amount of information to be safe at sea in respect to all the major topics.
    The premises are convenient and allow for interaction and clear understanding, as well as the staff and people of MSA which is undoubtfully helpful and friendly.

  5. Dean Smalley

    I just took a powerboat level 2 course. I traveled form Italy to take the course. It was a RYA approved course. The course focused on safety , and boating in and out of a busy marina . I really enjoyed the professionalism of the staff and instructor . I have been boating for 10 years, and the refresher was great. The process of enrolling in the course, corresponding thru email, was smooth free. I would encourage any boater to experience the professional staff and training at this center. I will back for another course.

  6. Sven

    Great time with Malta Sailing Academy
    We had great two weeks with Michael Gauci and his team from the MSA for the YMO and PB2. Very professional and experienced instructors, great mix of theory and practise and some good fun! The best RYA centre we have seen so far

  7. George Galea

    In April 2015 Graham and I spent a week at sea learning he sailing skills necessary for the Practical Coastal Skipper Course organized by the Malta Sailing Academy. We had decided that we wanted own boat tuition and we prepared ourselves for an intensive week of training.
    We met Paul Waters and Laura Milton on the boat and very quickly we struck up a very good relationship with them. Paul had taken students before but we were Laura’s guinea pigs (so to speak) as we were her first set of students. Both of their knowledge of sailing and boating in general is encyclopedic and they have a knack of imparting their knowledge so well. Moreover they filled us with confidence and every maneuver we did was examined and evaluated.
    The course was pretty intense and covered 5 full days at sea including night sailing. We covered all maneuvers from hoisting sails, to berthing in a variety of situations, anchoring and MOB under power and sail. We also did passage planning by day and night. In fact we covered the course very comprehensively and since we were only 2 students we could practice our maneuvers until we got them right!
    Every day started with a plan for the day and ended with a debrief. Our input was sought and if we wished more practice or time on a particular skill, Paul and Laura, made sure that this happened. The weather was good on the week and learning sailing skills in the warm blue Mediterranean is as close to paradise as one can get. Both Graham and I got the Coastal Skipper Practical certificates and we also have the theory up to Yachtmaster level. Next step… who knows?? In the meantime, Thank you Paul, Thank you Laura and thank you Michael Gauci(the Principal at the Malta Sailing Academy) for organizing it all.

    George Galea
    Graham Busuttil

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