Farsons Beer Festival Malta

07 July 2016

The Farsons Beer Festival 2016 is taking place right here in Malta at the Ta’ Qali National Park between the 22nd July and 31st July 2016. Enjoy live music, comedy acts but most importantly: lots and lots of beer. To celebrate the 36th edition of the beer festival, we’re going to draft you (pardon the pun) some fun and important facts about the festival and beer brands that will be available at this year’s event. Let’s get the party started with the needs to know facts about our beloved festival.

Farsons Beer Festival Infograph - Final (small)


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Transcript of Info-graphic

Cisk Lager Beer
Established back in 1929, this makes this beer as old as another great thing; sliced bread.
The Cisk name only came around in thanks to the mispronunciation of the word cheque.
There are 6 different types of Cisk beer (don’t drink them all at once).
Hopleaf Pale Ale
This was the 1st beer to be brewed by Farsons at their brewery in Hamrun.
It’s been around since 1928 making it 88 years old.
The alcohol volume is on the light side at 3.8%.
Blue Label Ale
It’s not a secret but this ale is brewed by Farsons.
45% of English tourists would recommend this beer to visitors.
The alcohol volume is on the light side at 3.3%.
Farsons Traditional Shandy
Ideal for a day chilling at the beach catching some rays.
The beer can be drank in an ice cold bottle or small can form.
3 citrus fruits were cut from trees in the making of this beer.
Lacto Milk Stout
There are 15 grams of protein in every beer thanks to the milk content.
If you drink enough of this you will turn into a cow.
This beer likes to think it’s the healthiest out of the Farsons brand.
In 1868 Carlsberg starting exporting to Scotland. A year later, samples were sent to Singapore, Calcutta and Hong Kong.
41,000 people work for Carlsberg which is around 10% of the population of Iceland.
On a yearly basis, Carlsberg produces around 35,000,000,000 bottles of beer.
As of 2014, Budweiser is the 3rd most popular beer in the good old US of A.
This beer is great for Vegans as no animals products are used in its production.
3 billion people have used the “Whassup?” term from the Budweiser advertising campaign in 1999.
Corona Extra
The outermost layer of the Sun is called the corona which was named after Corona Extra.
45 million Mexicans drink Corona every day.
Corona is sold in more than 150 countries worldwide.
You need to know at least 2 Spanish words to be sold Corona.
What You Need to Know
  1. Running for 10 days in July
  2. The event is free
  3. 3 event/music stages
  4. 50 local artists
  5. 30 bars/food stalls
  6. Hours of event:
  7. One of the closest Chevron hotels is the Corinthian Palace

– Doors open 7.30pm

– Main stage starts at 9pm

– Rock stage starts at 9.30pm

– Cosi Corner (within the main area) 8pm/9pm

This Farsons Beer Festival 2016 was brought to you by Chevron Holidays, Maltese holiday specialists.

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