Cheerio Lockdown – Viva Malta

Malta International Airport opens to UK visitors on 15th July 2020. Happily

Welcome to Safe Malta

Covid-19 has spread around the planet, sending people into lockdown – the Maltese Islands had to change the way they live.
Happily, correct measures, at the right time, were taken keeping the virus well under control.
Malta’s excellent performance has been acknowledged by the European Commission, the Commonwealth, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and others.
Several articles and reports in influential publications have included Malta amongst the safest countries to visit in a post-Covid scenario.
As the situation has recovered adequately in various countries, Malta is now ready to welcome overseas visitors.
Subsequently, the Maltese Islands have been setting up to ensure your stay is enjoyable, satisfactory and safe.
Malta is Back

Relax & Enjoy

Malta CertifiedThe hotel and accommodation establishments who are operating, must comply with the protocols intended to safeguard the wellbeing of guests and employees. The Malta Tourism Authority will inspect establishments before they open to certify they are compliant with COVID-19 procedures. The intention is to provide the highest levels of hygiene and wellbeing.
Periodic checks will be carried out to ensure compliance to these values.
Hotels, restaurants and other establishments will be awarded a special sticker.
This sticker is displayed at the entrance to indicate an establishment is compliant. If at any time an establishment is found to be non-compliant, the sticker will be removed, and prompt action will be taken by the authorities.
Hotel staff are trained to maintain the required safety levels in terms of health and hygiene, whilst giving the best service possible to guests.
Hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions have also invested in equipment intended to diminish risks, enabling you to relax and enjoy your stay.
Relax and Enjoy Malta

Catering establishments, including restaurants and snack bars, must also abide by protocols to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety. The same principles of social distancing and hygiene that apply for hotels, apply for restaurants too. In this case, social distancing refers mostly to the spacing out of tables and chairs so that people are at a safe distance away from one another. This distance varies depending on whether the seating is indoors or outdoors.
The emphasis is on maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout the establishment. Restaurants are also inspected and certified compliant by the Malta Tourism Authority, for your peace of mind.

Fun in the sun

Maltese summers are synonymous with sun, sea & beach life.
This summer is no different, but some measures will make the beaches safer and cleaner. Procedures include daily beach cleaning, more frequent bin emptying, disinfection of public toilets, spacing out deckchairs & umbrellas and following social distancing of two metres when queuing.
Beach, sea, sun and fun is still very much ongoing.
Malta fun in the sun

For those who prefer to swim in pools, the same principles apply. There must be a minimum distance of two metres in every direction between each unit of one umbrella & two sunbeds in pool areas. Pool staff will wear visors and will take care that all equipment and surfaces are fully cleaned and sanitised regularly.
Bathing capacity will be reduced by half - providing you with more space for swimming and lounging.Malta Holidays
Shops, museums and tourist attractions are open to the public and will be observing the same safety principles.
Public transport in Malta and Gozo is operating normally. Clear procedures are in place that ensure frequent airing and total disinfection of buses and coaches.
Taxis are sanitised after every trip and rental vehicles are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected after being returned by clients.
For more info
You can contact the Malta Tourism Authority Helpline on telephone (+356) 21692447 or email