Vittoriosa (Birgu)
Date & Time 8th Oct, 2021 - 10th Oct, 2021

This event taking place in Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa), which is one of Malta's oldest and most historic cities, has now become an annual national event.

The festival, organised by the Birgu Local Council together with the Malta Tourism Authority and various other sponsors, aims to promote and generate interest in the historical heritage of Vittoriosa, the first home of the Knights of St. John in Malta, whilst providing entertainment to suit all tastes and ages.

From inception the aim was to emphasis Birgu's historic and architectural beauty. Over the years the festival has developed into a national event, where thousands of people roam through the narrow and winding streets of this gem of a fortified City. The historic re-enactments, discounted museum entrances, Churches and Auberges contribute to one of the most memorable events in the cultural Maltese calendar.

Birgufest has developed into a large event with a wide scope, offering numerous activities throughout the festival. The historic re-enactments, extended and cheaper museum entrances, and the opening up to the public of other venues of interest including churches, highlights the enormous historic value of Birgu.
One of the event's highlights must surely be the magical Birgu By Candlelight, where all the streets and houses of this magnificent City are lit only by thousands of candles, adding a romantic dash to the city’s historical character, together with a variety of traditional music, choirs, local and foreign bands.

In addition, food stalls offering both Maltese and other food, various musical concerts - ranging from classical to modern, and diverse exhibitions, make this event truly an outing with something for everyone to enjoy.