Feast of St. Lawrence

San Lawrenz, Gozo
Date & Time 8th Aug, 2021

Saint Lawrence - San Lawrenz is the only Gozitian village to be named after its patron saint. The festa statue is a fine example made by Gallard et Fils of Marseilles and it arrived in San Lawrenz on 4th August 1895. The first feast was celebrated a few days later and has been celebrated every year since, even at the height of the Second World War.
A summer trip to Gozo would not be complete without a visit to a village festa. These are held between the last weekend in May and mid-September. Each town and village holds its annual feast dedicated to its Patron Saint. A typica lfesta lasts three days or longer. The church and village are decorated with lights and bunting and the colourful festa statues of Saints stand outside the church. The main festa statue of the patron saint is paraded through the streets and local musicians provide support to the priest and choir in a special mass.
Gozitan Festas are not only religious in nature, there is plenty of secular fun. Bands parade through the streets of the village and fireworks light up the night skies as crowds enjoy traditional as well as fast food from the many street vendors. Tourists are always welcome and joining a festa is a super way to get a real taste of local life.