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See Spring Flowers, Cultural Heritage, An Attard Walkabout & Eating Suggestions etc... amazing sites and prepare to be inspired by the beautiful country that is Malta! 
About Malta, Gozo & Comino
Located just 59 miles south of Sicily, Malta is a charming archipelago situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying gorgeous year round sunshine. Although a small country, Malta more than makes up for what it lacks in size with its history and colourful lifestyle, making it the perfect holiday destination for those seeking a culturally-rich holiday.
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Swimming & Sunbathing in Malta & Gozo
EU Bathing Waters Quality report Malta has ranked highly. Coastal waters are clean and safe for swimming in Malta and sunbathing in Malta & Gozo.
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Malta History
Historical Malta - a guide to some of the odlest buildings and architecture in Malta & Gozo
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Where is the best place to stay in Malta
Trying to figure out where the best place to stay in Malta is? Check out our where to stay in Malta guide.
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Nightlife Malta
Paceville, in St Julians, is the undisputed centre of Maltese nightlife, with a large number of restaurants, bars, night clubs, and a throng of people all set on enjoying themselves!
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Winter in Malta
With one of the best climates on the planet, the Maltese archipelago boasts mild winters and over 300 days of sunshine a year. Most locals will agree that nothing beats a beautiful winter’s day – of which there are many.
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Maltese Dining & Cuisine

Food, food, food… what better way to delve into a country’s heart than through the cravings of its stomach?

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Lights, Camera Action - Malta in Film
Malta has been the preferred location for many famous films and TV series over the years from Popeye with the late Robin Williams to the hit TV series Game of Thrones.
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Britain and Malta – The ties that bind
Notwithstanding 50 years of Maltese Independence, the 164 years of British rule over the Maltese islands have left their indelible mark in many different ways.
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