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Malta has many more best places like Gardens, Churches, visit
TOP 10 things to see and do in Malta and Gozo
As a specialist to Malta for over 30 years, Chevron would like to share our inside knowledge on the Top 10 Things to See and Do during a Malta holiday. Whether you want to explore the marine life, experience Malta’s history or enjoy the bustling nightlife, this list should have something for everyone. Our personal favourite? Pastizzi! Read on to find out more and please share this page on Facebook and Twitter to promote Malta’s fabulous attractions.
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Twenty top places to visit in Malta & Gozo
Experience the top 20 places to visit in Malta & Gozo
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Beach Holidays in Malta & Gozo

Malta might be one of the world’s smallest countries with an area of only 316km2, but what Malta lacks in landmass it makes up for with azure water, ideal snorkelling locations, water sports and activities on a wide array of beaches, and a multitude of rocky inlets just waiting to be explored.

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The Gardens of Malta and Gozo
Malta has a number of attractive public gardens. There is a good concentration of them in Valletta and Floriana and some farther out of the harbour towns. 
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Comino & The Blue Lagoon
Well as far as the Maltese Islands are concerned it is definitely the ultimate get-away-from-it-all destination and a day spent there is like no other.
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Valletta, One of the Worlds Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites
There are now more than 1000 World Heritage Sites in the world and CNN have have included Valletta in their top 20 most Beautiful World Heritage sites. Valletta contains 320 momnuments within its fortified peninsula making it one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.
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Shopping - Handicrafts Village

Just before World War II, large tracts of arable land at Ta' Qali, near Mosta, were taken over to build a military aerodrome and an R.A.F. Station. This military zone has now been closed for many years.

Several buildings and hissen huts have been converted into small workshops and souvenir boutiques, to create what is now the Ta' Qali Handicrafts Village.

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Verdala Castle, Malta
The gardens around Verdala Castle (Palace), situated on a high ridge overlooking Buskett Gardens, form part of an extensive green area in Malta. Verdala Palace was built in 1586 by Gerolamo Cassar, a Maltese architect, for Grand Master Verdalle (1582-1595) in a remote area of Boschetto, on the site where Grand Master La Valette had his modest hunting lodge.
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Girgenti & The Inquisitor's Palace
On a spur overlooking the valley stands the summer palace of the Inquisitors built by Monsignor Visconti in 1625. The Palace commands a sweeping view over large tracts of countryside extending to the sea to the east.
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