For a small island Malta and Gozo sure does pack a punch. Whether you are looking for outdoor activities, archeological sites, history or just some fun family activities, you can fill your holiday intinerary with plenty of items to keep the whole party happy.

We have picked out just some of the top things to do in Malta.

Looking for places to visit? Click here for our guide of top places to visit in Malta & Gozo.
Twenty top things to do in Malta and Gozo

Check our guide for twenty top things to do in Malta & Gozo. A great place to get some tips and information ahead of your stay.

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Walking in Malta and Gozo
On your Chevron Holiday why not take in the sights of Malta on foot. There are a number of Malta walks that are suitable for everyone from stunning scenic coastlines to city stretches. Whether you're looking for a route that involves easy walking or serious hiking in Malta or Gozo, find hidden treasures and visit some stunning locations across the islands...
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Archaeological Sites in Malta & Gozo

There is hardly another place in the world richer in archaeological sites than the Maltese islands. In a miniscule landmass comprising all of 316 square kilometres are found around twenty megalithic sites of varying interest and importance, numerous Bronze Age village locations, tombs, dolmens and other relics. The sheer number of sites makes it difficult for anyone to visit them all on a short stay but the major ones are certainly worth more than a cursory look.

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Shopping in Malta and Gozo
When packing for your holidays in Malta, less is most definitely more as there is nothing quite like a holiday in Malta and Gozo to test the seams on your suitcase at the end of your stay.
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Salut! Drinking in Malta
As with all other countries the Maltese love their tipple and the choice of drinking in the islands is a very wide international one with some home-made stuff for added variety.
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Sightseeing Malta
Holiday in Malta as the mood takes you, with near year round sun; you can indulge in outdoor living at its best. The Maltese Islands have been portrayed as one big open-air museum and everywhere you go, the scenery and architecture deliver an impressive backdrop.
We list some sightseeing attractions for your interest.
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Major Churches and Religious Sites
Malta’s Christian roots go back as far as A.D.60 when according to tradition St. Paul was shipwrecked here on his way to Rome to stand trial. It is hardly surprising then that the Maltese still harbour a strong Christian tradition notwithstanding the rapid secularisation that has occurred in recent years.
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Museums and Art Galleries
Malta’s museums cover most of its 7000 years of history and more. Truly Malta is the history aficionado’s paradise with historical artefacts spread more thickly on the ground than nearly anywhere else in the world. Malta’s museums are an important element in any appreciation and understanding of the islands’ colourful past.
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Sport in Malta and Gozo
The agreeable Mediterranean climate and the variety of sporting activities from which to choose make the Maltese Islands ideal for active holidays at any time of the year. Both land lovers and water babies will not be disappointed.
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