About Malta, Gozo & Comino

Located just 59 miles south of Sicily, Malta is a charming archipelago situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying gorgeous year round sunshine. Although a small country, Malta more than makes up for what it lacks in size with its history and colourful lifestyle, making it the perfect holiday destination for those seeking a culturally-rich holiday. Malta’s history dates back over 7,000 years and its strong influence has significantly shaped the island’s tastes, sights and culture.

The country consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.


Malta is the largest of the three islands and home to the capital city of Valletta. The country’s pulse beats strongest here and it’s hard not to marvel at a city which rises steeply from both sides of its harbours: Marsaxlokk and Grand harbour. The city’s rich heritage and highlights include the stunning St. John’s Co-Cathedral, which was built by the Knights of St. John between 1573 and 1578. The city also boasts numerous restaurants and museums as well as the largest selection of resorts across all of Malta.
Valletta, MaltaGozo

Gozo is the second largest island and far more rural than its older sibling with rolling hills, picturesque landscapes and lush green fields which Gozo is perhaps best known for. One of Gozo’s main attractions are the waters surrounding the island which provide ideal scuba diving conditions. The clear, calm waters are perfectly suited to this water sport: mesmerizingly translucent and filled with amazing sights – bright sea life and ghostly shipwrecks.
Gozo Coastline


The smallest of the three islands, Comino, is a quiet little gem set in-between its two larger counterparts. Positively rural, and known for its tranquillity, the island only hosts a single hotel, ideal for a therapeutic getaway from the liveliness of the mainland.
Comino Blue Lagoon

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