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Towns and Cities in Malta

Malta Towns

Malta has a capital city, Valletta, but most urban places in Malta are towns and villages. To help you find out more about destinations in Malta we have provided a list of popular Malta locations.

Balzan / San Anton, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Situated in the centre of the island, the village of Attard forms part of what has become known as the three villages – comprising the delightful trio of Balzan, Lija and Attard itself. Attard traces its roots in antiquity with a number of prehistoric, Hellenistic and Roman finds made in the area…

Bugibba, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Along with the adjacent town of Qawra, Bugibba is one of the largest coastal resort towns in the north of Malta. It originally started off life as a tiny Maltese village, nothing more than a simple addition to the neighbouring town of St. Paul’s Bay. However, over the years and with increasing demand from tourists, Bugibba has grown into a favourite holiday base…

Golden Bay, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Ghajn Tuffieha is an area in the north west coastline at the end of the fertile valley which extends for five kilometres from St. Paul's Bay. A small headland splits the sea in the middle to create two fairly large sandy beaches, viz Golden Sands and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. GOLDEN SANDS is the most frequented beach next to Mellieha Bay…

Marsaxlokk, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Marsaxlokk (meaning the south-east port) is the foremost fishing village and, perhaps, the most picturesque seaside locality in Malta. One can here admire the small fishing craft, the 'Luzzu' and 'Kajikk' painted in vivid colours of red, yellow, green and blue, floating lightly on the calm waters of the bay…

Mdina, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Mdina is one of Europe’s best preserved walled cities and was Malta’s capital until the arrival of the Knights of St. John. The ancient city occupies a strategic hilltop location at the geographical centre of the island. Phoenician remains indicate the site may have been fortified from as early as 700 BC. During the Roman period it formed part of Malta’s largest Roman township of Melita…

Mellieha, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Situated on a hill in the northwest of Malta, Mellieha is a small town with great views across the Mediterranean and a lot to offer a visitor to the Maltese Islands. In spite of its small size, Mellieha packs a mighty punch attracting visitors who are interested in exploring Maltese religious traditions and culture, nature enthusiasts as well as those who are after successive days of relaxation in the Maltese sea and sun…

Paradise Bay, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Paradise Bay has quite a name to live up to and, all in all, it gets quite close. The bay is located on the northernmost tip of Malta near Cirkewwa, where the ferry leaves for Gozo. The water in the bay is that Mediterranean mixture of clear turquoise and dark blue, and the sandy beach is ideal for any kind of beach-goer, including families with children…

Qawra, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Qawra is located in the northeast of Malta, adjacent to the seaside resort town of Bugibba. It is, however, a lot calmer than its busy neighbour. The town’s seaside beach lidos, restaurants on the waterfront and relaxing areas along the coast make it a suitable location for sunbathing and for taking a refreshing dip into the sea…

Rabat, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Rabat means suburb in old Arabic and this is indeed because Rabat is the town lying outside the citadel of Mdina. The two towns used to be a single one until the Arabs dug a moat across the hill and fortified its tip creating Mdina. Rabat had walls of its own in Roman times but this can only be seen today in parts of the street pattern…

San Gwann, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
San Gwann is mainly a residential area, located near to Sliema but away from the hustle and bustle that accompanies traditional holiday resorts. A quiet area surrounded by valleys and home to the Wied Ghollieqa Nature Reserve. The town of San Gwann, Malta, provides a tranquil backdrop and atmosphere for a relaxed stay…

Sliema, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Sliema is a modern town on the north-eastern coast of Malta and just north of Valletta, the island’s capital city. As home to some 15,000 inhabitants, Sliema is a bit of a playground for locals and tourists alike, offering all sorts of amenities including many hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s the Maltese go-to shopping hub, a tourist’s centre of activities and, all in all, Malta’s premiere resort destination…

St Georges Bay, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
While technically part of St. Julian’s, St. George’s Bay is a distinct district in its own right. The bay lies right next to Paceville, Malta’s centre of nightlife, and looks out towards the northeast and the point of Dragonara to the right. The peninsula that ends at the point of Dragonara was the site on which the Dragonara Palace was built in 1830, right on the rocky coast commanding spectacular views over the deep Mediterranean waters…

St Julians, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Connected to but distinct from Sliema, St. Julian’s is a playground for locals and visitors alike. The town is located along the coast to the north of Malta’s capital city, Valletta. Nowadays, St. Julian’s is mostly known for being a hub for all things fun-related, a centre for a touch of eating, drinking, strolling and dancing…

St Pauls Bay, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Over the years, the town has become an area offering well-priced hotels, bars and restaurants, making it one of the most affordable localities to stay in during a visit to Malta. While the construction of holiday accommodation has dampened its superficial attraction, the town’s local charm still pervades ensuring an affordable and pleasant holiday in the Mediterranean sun…

Valletta / Floriana, Malta

– Popular Malta hotel destination
Valletta, Malta’s compact but lively capital started life out of a strategic defensive need. The site where the present city stands was the one used by the Ottomans to attack the Knights holed up in Vittoriosa for the duration of the Great Siege of 1565. After the siege was raised and the Knights finally decided to make Malta their permanent home, frantic work started on the building of this new city occupying strategically high ground, with the first stone laid on 28th March 1566…

Bahrija, Malta

Within the limits of Rabat one finds a hamlet called Bahrija, an area which definitely deserves a visit by those who relish countryside walks. According to some interpretations the name "Bahrija" is a corruption of the word "Rahbija" an archaic Maltese word meaning monastery. Such an interpretation has been suggested due to the name of two spots in the surrounding zone; Wied ir-Raheb and Ras ir-Raheb…

Birgu, Malta

The Knights, primarily a maritime power, made Birgu their temporary home when they arrived in 1530, preferring the coastal settlement to the inland capital of Mdina. They fortified the city as best they could before the onslaught of the Great Siege of 1565, but it was enough for Birgu to emerge bruised but victorious after the ordeal – hence the glorified title of Vittoriosa…

Birkirkara, Malta

Birkirkara Malta is the second largest town in Malta, it is located in the central area of Malta. Birkirkara population is around 25 thousand and the town is set in a valley, Birkirkara means ‘running water’ or ‘cold water’ with water flowing in from nearby Naxxar, Attard and Balzan. Birkirkara Malta is largely commercial but there are still some great places to visit in Birkirkara Malta…

Brizebugga, Malta

The first people to arrive in Birzebbuga were the Phoenicians, who voyaged by sea, this area was chosen because it is the first point of contact when travelling from the East, here the bay offered shelter for their ships. It was during their stay they built a temple, called the temple of Erocle…

Cospicua, Malta

Cospicua, the largest of the three cities, is known as Bormla to most people in Malta. The city is also known as Cospicua (i.e. the Conspicuous) because of the role it played during the siege of 1565. Located on the east side in Grand Harbour, opposite Valletta, Cospicua is a double fortified city and is flanked by Senglea (Isla) on the west an Vittoriosa (Birgu) on the east making up the 'Three cities'…

Cottonera, Malta

The urban walled conurbation known as the Cottonera or somewhat grandiosely as The Three Cities comprises the towns of Birgu (Citta Vittoriosa), Bormla (Citta Cospicua) and Isla (Citta Senglea). Targeted mercilessly during World War II, most of the cities’ population fled…

Dingli, Malta

Dingli is very well known for the superb views one can enjoy from the cliffs in the vicinity. Holiday makers can visit Buskett Gardens and Verdala Castle are within its limits. Dingli is the starting point from which nature enthusiasts set out on pleasant walks…

Gudja, Malta

These twin adjacent villages, a long time ago, formed part of neighbouring Zejtun. Today they are distinct parishes each with its own church dedicated to the Assumption. They are situated about 8kin from Valletta in south east Malta. Their winding streets and the old buildings around their churches recall their mediaeval past…

Gzira, Malta

Located on the North East coastline of Malta, Gzira Malta is a small seafront town that offers a little of everything for tourists looking to stay in Malta. It has the sea front, shops, bars, restaurants, history, culture and sits close to Valletta, the must see capital city of Malta…

Hal-Milleri, Malta

In the Middle Ages, Hal-Millieri was a tiny farming community in the country-side between Qrendi and Zurrieq. The inhabitants tilled the fields in that area, and at around the year 1420 they built their own modest church of the Annunciation….

Kalkara, Malta

Kalkara Malta is another Malta town steeped in history, the towns name comes fom the latin for lime due to the belief there was a Lime Kiln located here during the Roman period. Kalkara is also believed by historians to be the first inhabited area with people coming from Sicily. The town overlooks the Grand Harbour, entrance to capital of Valletta by water…

Luqa, Malta

Being the main gateway into Malta, not many people stop and stay in Luqa, most head straight out to their more popular coastal resorts but there is some history to explore. Before Malta Airport as we know it today, it was an RAF airfield and the area was heavily bombed during the Second World War…

Marfa, Malta

Marfa and Selmun are dependent districts of Mellieha, standing on either side of the town. MARFA is the peninsula marking the north west limits of Malta. It is notable for the busy embarkation point at Cirkewwa for the Gozo ferries and the Comino boat.

Marsa, Malta

The town of Marsa, situated around the innermost creek of Grand Harbour, is the nerve centre of Malta's engineering and transportation activities including Malta Shipbuilding Yard and a flourishing industrial estate. Marsa has a large Sports Complex which includes a modern horse-racing course, polo fields and the National Athletic Stadium…

Marsascala, Malta

Marsascala is the closest port to the Grand Harbour and has always been Malta's secondary port. In Roman times, Marsascala was a significant port with many ancient shipwrecks located around the bays of Marsascala and St. Thomas…

Mgarr, Malta

Mgarr is a typical rural village situated in an isolated region, 6 Kms west of Mosta. It is surrounded with rich farmland and vineyards. Many of its 2,200 inhabitants are farmers or are engaged in some sort of agricultural activity. Mgarr's rustic environs embrace several rustic spots like Bingemma, Wardija, Fomm ir-Rih and Gnejna Bay.

Mosta, Malta

The town of Mosta is situated in the centre of the island. It was only a small hamlet in medieval times but during this century it has grown considerably in size. Today, Mosta is a busy township and also a market town. Mosta's pride is the Rotunda Parish Church, noted for its enormous dome which is said to be the third largest in Europe.

Msida, Malta

A fine area with a civic sense of neighbourhood, central yet just cut off from the bustle of Sliema. Many embassies are found here and across the bay there is the dramatic view of Valletta's profile and fortifications. All around, stately-looking houses, adorned in baroque and Victorian architecture, peer through their front gardens and fine specimens of Norfolk Pines…

Naxxar, Malta

Naxaar Malta is an interesting town in the north of Malta, its roots as a town established thousands of years ago. Although a date cannot be confirmed of the first existence of Naxaar, evidence from the surrounding area suggests that it was thousands of years ago with local caves, bronze age period megalith remains, cart ruts, punic towmbs and the Catacombs at Salina & Maghtab…

Paceville, Malta

Paceville, in St Julians, is the undisputed centre of Maltese nightlife, with a large number of restaurants, bars, night clubs, and a throng of people all set on enjoying themselves!

Pembroke, Malta

There are plenty of things to see in Pembroke. There is a strong military presence in Pembroke from the various ages, Pembroke Battery built between 1909 & 1912 is being transformed into a Museum. Fort Pembroke was built in 1879 to help defend the Grand Harbour, Madliena Tower sits proudly in Pembroke and dates back to 1658…

Pieta, Malta

There are some notable places to see in Pieta Malta such as Villa Guardamangia which was the residence of Queen Elizabeth II (then known as Princess Elizabeth) between 1949 – 1951 and the Ta Braxia Cemetary. The Ta Braxia Cemetary Complex is the resting place of many British Army and Naval personnel from World War One and is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Site…

Qormi, Malta

Qormi, with almost 20,000 inhabitants, is the second largest township on the island. Because of its position on the low-lying land near Grand Harbour, Qormi played a distinct role throughout its ancient history. At one time, parts of Valletta, Marsa and Hamrun depended on it as an administrative and parish centre. The town today is divided in two parish districts: The old parish of St. George and that of St. Sebastian, created in 1935…

Qrendi, Malta

Like everywhere else, life has become fast-paced in Malta. People seem to be in a rush everywhere. The buzz of activity in the commercial centres of Valletta and Sliema is living proof of this. No doubt it’s all fun if you’re on holiday and people watching is your kind of thing. And if it does get tiring you can always try an altogether different scene...

Safi, Malta

Hal-Safi is a tiny village wedged between the equally small village of Kirkop and the somewhat larger town of Zurrieq. The village has some 2,000 inhabitants and the name ‘safi’ means pure in Maltese. The name may derive from the fresh air around this once remote village, though another theory goes that the villagers were spared from an epidemic which hit the islands long ago…

Salina, Malta

Situated away from the hustle and bustle of busier tourist areas in Malta, Salina Bay and Salini village are an idyllic holiday destination. The bay is located on the northern coast of Malta and just 3km away from Bugibba and Qawra, Malta’s biggest holiday resorts. The proximity allows visitors to enjoy the nightlife and activities on offer just a short bus ride away, while always retreating back to the peaceful tranquillity of Salina Bay…

Selmun, Malta

Selmun is a small community of farmers on the ridge above Mistra Bay. The majestic tower of Selmun is the largest and the last palatial castle built by the Knights. Its comer turrets and the encircling balcony are remarkable features of this outstanding baroque monument. The castle is a vantage point for a superb view over St. Paul's islets and the modern tourist townships of Bugibba and Qawra…

Senglea, Malta

This small city stands on a narrow promontory which protrudes into Grand Harbour between two creeks. The bare terrain was fortified in 1551 by Grand Master Claude de la Senglea, who also built the city which bears his name to this day. The Maltese prefer its original name of L-lsla, i.e. the island. During the 1565 Siege, Senglea was protected by Fort St. Michael on its landward side, and by Fort St. Angelo on its eastern flank…

Siggiewi, Malta

Originally a farming village, Siggiewi has grown considerably and now counts 5,800 inhabitants. It is surrounded by fields and orchards on all sides. The village is dominated by the church of St. Nicholas. It was constructed in 1697, but in 1864 two aisles were added to the nave and, later, a large dome crowned the beautiful edifice.

Ta Qali, Malta

Just before World War II, large tracts of arable land at Ta' Qali, near Mosta, were taken over to build a military aerodrome and an R.A.F. Station. This military zone has now been closed for many years. Several buildings and hissen huts have been converted into small workshops and souvenir boutiques, to create what is now the Ta' Qali Handicrafts Village…

Vittoriosa, Malta

Vittoriosa or Birgu, is the oldest of the three sister cities. Its origin lies in prehistoric times. There was a period when the whole island was divided into two administrative regions: Mdina attended to the needs of the interior area and of the countryside, whilst Birgu administered the eastern zone and the harbour approaches…

Zabbar, Malta

The town of Zabbar, which is situated just outside the line of fortifications, is considered part of the Cottonera area. The monumental Zabbar Gate is only a short distance from the town. In 1797, Ferdinand Von Hompesch, last Grand Master of the Order in Malta, named Zabbar citta Hompesch (Hompesch City). The triumphal arch erected to commemorate that event still stands proudly at one end of the town.

Zejtun, Malta

Zejtun is one of the largest and oldest towns in the south of Malta, and one of significant importance and considerable charm. The town’s origins go back to Roman times although remains of even more ancient antiquity are found very close to the town in the important (but closed off until further notice) archaeological site at Tas-Silg which includes the traces of an early Phoenician sanctuary…

Zurrieq, Malta

Modern Zurrieq is a flourishing little town of 8,000 inhabitants, but the old village is still there. Clustered around the parish church are many 16th century houses, small chapels and historical palaces of a former age. Zurrieq became a sizeable village in the Middle Ages when several farming communities in the vicinity amalgamated into in one single parish…

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