Malta Weather

Malta enjoys one of the highest numbers of sunshine hours on the continent – an impressive average of 3,000 sunny hours per year.

Sunsets in Gozo and Malta

Sunsets on the Maltese islands are something of an event, so while on holiday here, you best be finding at least one evening to catch it. You can watch the best sunset on Malta or Gozo on a beach, somewhere on a cliff, or enjoying a glass of wine on a terrace - you won't want to miss the stunning colours that light up the sky and slowly fade into darkness. And please, whatever you do, don't leave immediately after the sun has dipped down below the horizon. The best sunset colours have yet to come! Just bring a camera and find the sunset or sunrise that's best for you!

The classic sunset at Golden Bay:

It's the classic place to see the sunset since the golden sands are easy to get to via car or bus, and, well, you can stay the whole day enjoying the beach anyhow! Enjoy the best sunset here from the sand, or walk up to the tower in between Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha for a panoramic backdrop. Without a doubt you'll enjoy the blues, pinks, and purples that light up the evening sky from here.
Sunset at Golden Bay

The nature sunset near the Red Tower:

This is a somewhat abandoned spot for explorers who have a car. Once in Mellieha, drive out to the Red Tower but continue down the road until the end, where there's a set of abandoned buildings and a research tower. Be careful walking over the sharp rocks as you walk down towards the edge of the cliff. Find a spot, enjoy the best sunset Malta views of the southers cliffs of Gozo, Cirkewwa, Comino and much more as you bundle up for a lovely sunset.
Sunset at the Red Tower

The romantic sunset in Mdina at Fontanla Tea Gardens:

For those who want to enjoy dinner while still enjoying a city-based sunset, we recommend this place as the best sunset. Popular with tourists and locals alike (and famous for their tea and cakes), visitors can sit out and face the valley to the east. Most folks drive out to the Dingli Cliffs for great sunset views while those looking for a more "historical" sunrise will stay here in The Silent City. While you won't see the sunset per se, you will see the fading sunlight illuminating the entire island of Malta from the Mosta Rotunda (Church of St. Mary) to as far as Valletta's and beyond. You'll enjoy your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate from high up on the ridge as the view turns a beautiful blue-gold below.

Sunset in Mdina at Fontanla Tea Gardens

The city sunset at Sliema and Manoel Island:

Sunset time Malta and city dwellers and the lazy person's best sunset can be seen from Valletta's smaller harbour. From the tip of Sliema, or Tigne Point, swimmers, walking couples, and fishermen can watch the sun light up behind Manoel Island in light blues, oranges, yellows, and pinks. It's great for an east coast evening or a promenade along the bay.
Sliema Sunset, Malta

Sunsets in Gozo

The classic sunset at Dwerja:

Here you can get the most famous view in Gozo with amazing colors to boot. Provided you have a clear day (and don't sit too close to anything involving sheer cliffs, steep drops, or spots where waves will sweep you out to sea), you can get a most romantic evening of incredible colours next to the famous Fungus Rock.
Dwejra Sunset

The lazy sunset at Xlendi Bay:

Want to enjoy dinner and a drink on the promenade? Watch the best sunset in comfort while in the undeniably lovely Xlendi inlet. It's almost as if the sun is putting on a show for you, dipping down from the sky on this real-life movie screen.
Sunset in Xlendi, Gozo

The nature sunset at Sanap Cliffs:

For adventurers looking for a more secluded spot to watch the best sunset, try the somewhat hidden Sanap Cliffs. Located off a hard-to-find road near Xlendi, you'll pass Bali-like terraced green fields before arriving at the end of the narrow, poorly maintained road. Those very facts will keep most visitors away from this 120-meter-high spot, however, so you'll enjoy incredible cliff views with few (or zero) other guests. Just keep your wine bottle and glasses well away from the crumbling edge!

Sannat Sunset

Sunrises on Malta & Gozo

For the early risers or after an all-nighter, if you come to this island on holiday, you should drag yourself out of bed (or stay up) at least one day to see a Maltese sunrise, and that's an order! So where can you see the best ones? We vote for two:

The City Sunrise:

If you live up the hill in Sliema/Gzira or close to the Grand Harbour, watch the sunrise come in every day over Valletta's historic towers. Stormy or sunny, you'll still enjoy the mood of the skies as the clouds and colors rise up behind the capital city.
Sunrise on Malta

Sunrise on the edge of Malta:

For those who are up for waking early and taking a drive, well then, venture out beyond Marsaxlokk to the salt pans of Delimara Point. You'll park near an old lighthouse and walk out two minutes down to the salt pans. Watch the waves and colors come in as sunrays shoot upwards into the sky. You'll almost forget how tired you are as you watch the day wake up.

Malta & Gozo Sunrise

If your loving these images of sundown Malta, check out our Malta Picture Gallery with lots more amazing scenes of Malta & Gozo.

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