Holiday Ownership (Timeshare)

Regrettably, timeshare salesmen have found their way to some Maltese resorts. They may have dressed their product up to be more alluring than the eighties variety however they are still basically timeshares. You pay a large amount of money up front for the privilege of paying even more money every year and you are permanently contracted to the same company. The timeshare companies make huge profits on every sale. They are not a good deal!
They have people working on the street and in hotels whose sole purpose is to get you into the sales room. These people known as OPCs (outside point of contact) are mostly British or Maltese. The most common scams used are to claim you have won a prize or the offer of a free gift/upgrade.
If you do find yourself in the sales room, you will be subjected to a high pressure and very professional sales pitch. These sales characters are good and their knack is to get you to start saying 'yes' so they will open up with questions like 'would it not be great if you could have the same holiday for half the price and in a better hotel or room'. Do give yourself time to consider the circumstances before agreeing to sign any contracts!
In matters involving timeshare products and their sale to potential buyers, Maltese law provides for specific legislation whereby buyers of timeshare shall have the right to a cooling off period of 10 days from the date of purchase of timeshare, whereby the purchaser has a right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. A buyer also has a right to cancel a contract of timeshare that has been entered into, provided certain formalities as required by law have not been adhered to by the timeshare seller.