Malta Weather

Malta enjoys one of the highest numbers of sunshine hours on the continent – an impressive average of 3,000 sunny hours per year.

Walking in Malta and Gozo

On your Chevron Holiday why not take in the sights of Malta on foot. There are a number of Malta walks that are suitable for everyone from stunning scenic coastlines to city stretches. Whether you're looking for a route that involves easy walking or serious hiking in Malta or Gozo, find hidden treasures and visit some stunning locations across the islands...
Spring…and the trekking is easy (Gozo)
Gozo was recently voted third best Mediterranean island by the independent Trip Advisor site. This should come as no surprise really - the island is conspicuously different from its larger neighbour Malta; greener, much less densely populated and quieter and consequently with a much slower pace all round.
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The Red Tower and the lovely road to nowhere
In the far north of Malta and just off the main road to the Gozo ferry terminal, a minor road runs uphill to meet one of the most ‘colourful’ of the Knight’s fortified towers.
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The Wall the Brits built
The Victoria Lines, as the wall was called, runs for some 12 kilometres from Madliena in the east to Fomm ir-Rih on Malta’s west coast. It follows a natural geographical fault, which made its construction a relatively easy one, as the wall is mostly built along cliff edges. Along its length and where the fault was breached by valleys, robust forts and batteries were built.
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Is this Gozo’s most beautiful valley?
Gozo – hillier than Malta – has a good number of beautiful valleys with varied scenery often along different stretches of the same valley and are great for walking and exploring.
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Mtahleb – Picture postcard territory
The rural enclave of Mtahleb in the island’s remote western area is perhaps the loveliest such settlement in Malta. Situated some four kilometers outside Rabat, its tiny population is spread out over the few farmhouses which dot the valley below the upper line of cliffs with a concentration of a few more abodes around the small church which is the area’s only significant man-made landmark.
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Quiet Roads of Western Gozo
A half day’s walking trip around this quiet area is a great way to get close and personal with this charming corner of Gozo. Victoria makes for a good start and end point for a circular walk taking in this area of sleepy, almost deserted villages, set against hills and valleys that make for some of the most extraordinary Gozo views.
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Tower to Tower
The Maltese spring - one great and very accessible place to witness this colourful feast and the sense of the wild, with the added bonus of great open views, is a ramble around the lovely bay of Ghajn Tuffieha – arguably Malta’s most scenic beach, guarded by one of the seemingly ubiquitous coastal towers.
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Ruts and Troglodytes
Most visitors to Malta will have read about the so called cart ruts which can be found all over the island but many will find them difficult to locate, unless they stumble upon a pair or two on rocky outcrops in the countryside.
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The Majjistral Park - Malta’s Oldest, Newest Attraction
Malta’s largest protected natural landscape, the Majjistral Park, was born out of some initial controversy after plans to turn the area into a golf course in 2005 met with heavy environmental opposition. The very proposal inadvertently served to highlight the site’s great natural beauty and rich biodiversity, and after two years the authorities had a change of mind and the area was surprisingly turned into Malta’s first official national park.
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