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Malta enjoys one of the highest numbers of sunshine hours on the continent – an impressive average of 3,000 sunny hours per year.

Sea Front Location in Sliema at the Preluna Hotel and Spa

If you’re anything like the team here at Chevron Holidays, then you do love to be beside the seaside while on holiday. Rated as the top hotel on the island for giving the best view of the Mediterranean in all its glory, the Preluna Hotel & Spa is the ideal accommodation in Malta for anyone who wants that special 4 star room with a 5 star view. And here’s what the view and hotel that come with it have to offer.
Preluna Hotel Sea View Room
With Sliema so close to the sea, there’s barely any space past the main promenade (Tower Street) to get your towel out and bathe a little. Luckily though for guests of this all-inclusive haven, the hotel has a jewel in its crown with a private beach club exclusively for members.
Facing out on to the sea, this club has a large salt water swimming pool that will have you feel like you’re taking a quick dip in the sea. There’s also a kid’s pool separate of this which is a great spot for dipping your toes in and making sure the little troops of the family can practice swimming safely.
Preluna Hotel Beach Club
The beach club is just for guests of the hotel, with your own sun bed and towel, all for free so you don’t have to undertake the mammoth task of carrying everyone’s damp towels back and forth from your room. With the pool being right by the sea too, you can always venture down and go for a few strokes. The water here is so clear that it’s become something of a hotspot for trying out snorkelling.
If lying by the pool isn’t your thing, but you still like the idea of lapping up luxury in the water, up on the hotel’s roof terrace is a Jacuzzi; the perfect spot for grabbing a cocktail and basking in the luxury of the view.
Preluna Hotel Mini Golf
And if you’re looking for a bit of fun with the view included, the 7th floor of the hotel has one of the most unique features of any hotel in Malta: a fun little mini golf course terrace. Very popular in the early evening with young families, this is a great little spot for trying get a hole in one as long as you don’t end up going out of bounds and find yourself navigating around the luxury sun terrace.
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Information correct as of Oct 2018