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Eating in Marsalforn

The Best Places to Eat in Marsalforn
If you love to delve in to local cuisine and get a feel for what Maltese dining is like, you can do no wrong in Marsalforn. There are a number of great little Marsalforn restaurants and eateries dotted around the area that Chevron customers have rated as some of the best food you’ll find in Gozo.
Food in Gozo
Quite conveniently, all the best places to eat and best Marsalforn Gozo restaurants are right beside one another down by the bay. For those staying in the Calypso Hotel it means you can get a prime table just a short walk away from your room. Sunset is a very popular time when heading out for dinner as locals and tourists alike enjoy sitting outside, taking in the view and getting a chance to simply take it easy in the evening with a good meal.

The top rated and one of the best restaurants restaurant in Marsalforn Gozo is Pulena, down on Il-Menqa Marina Street. It provides a menu of fresh local catch of the day style cuisine and dishes to suit all tastes. If you’re after a table with a view, up on the roof of the Calypso Hotel are the Luce D’Oro (known for its Flambé Menu) and the cocktail lover’s Sunset Bar. These are prime locations if you’re on a couple’s holiday and want a bit of romance in the air.

Just down a little bit from the main strip is The Flower of Scotland. If you’re the type of person who really loves a good fish and chips this is somewhere you need to be. Locally caught fish from a stone’s throw away is cooked up by a lovely couple who run this small restaurant. Many ex-pats from the UK head here at the weekend for the infamous Sunday Roast, perfect for those who love home comforts.

Locals love nothing more than a coffee in the afternoon too and if you’re inclined to do just the same we recommend Piutrentanove, a quaint café on the left side of the bay which was lucky enough to receive a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. Their cappuccinos are frothed to perfection and it’s also a good spot for a cheap eat if you’re on a budget.

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