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Places to Visit in Marsalforn

Places to Visit in and around Marsalforn
With its prime location sitting right on the northern tip of the island; Marsalforn is a water lover’s paradise. For those living and staying in the area, there are a number of things to see in Marsalforn but the main attractions are all down by the sea so grab your snorkel, flippers and go for a dive.
Diving in Gozo
The main water based activities are dives run by Bubbles Dive Centre and Scuba Kings Dive Centre. They take out both amateur and experienced divers for a chance to get under the sea and explore some of the unspoilt coves and natural beauty spots. If you’ve never done it before, we have a handy guide that explains more about diving in Malta and Gozo.

Prefer to stay dry and get your walking boots on? There are plenty of places to visit in Marsaforn Gozo and the surrounding area, Marsalforn is a great base for hiking and walking, here are just a couple of recommended spots for an afternoon walk around Gozo. Calypso Cave is a 10 minute ride from the bay and is known for its completely unspoilt view of the waters. Ghar Qawqla Bay, further north from Marsalforn, is a quiet walking spot. If you don’t mind sunbathing on the rocks, this is also a great spot to camp out on a sunny day. Many locals prefer it as they’re used to this type of beach over the busier sandy beaches that tourists frequent.
Calypso's Cave
If seascapes and natural coastal spots are what you are looking for we recommend visiting the Azure Window. This is a very interesting cliff that juts out as an arch over the water. It’s rated as the top attraction on the island by Trip Advisor and when you get a chance to walk over it or listen to the sound of the waves crashing below, you’ll quickly understand why. It’s a very popular spot for photographs too due to its unique natural structure. Unfortunately, the Azure window collapsed in March 2017. The site in Dwejra is still home to the Inland Sea and nearby Fungus Rock and remains a recommended place to visit.

If you are the kind of person who likes to make sure their holiday is action packed and can see as much as possible then take a look at the Top 20 Places to Visit in Malta. It's a great little guide for what not to miss out on when you're in the area.

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