Malta - a nation of pet lovers

Malta Today completed their very own pet survey looking to find out more about the Maltese nation and their beloved domestic companions.

So how many Maltese own a pet?
A whopping 54.9% of people said they owned a pet. Quite an amazing stat - more than one in two people have a domestic friend.

What type of animal do they take care of?
The most popular animal owned is...a dog. 39.5% of those who own a pet own a dog.
Not too far behind with 25.4% were cats with one in four people owning a furry feline friend.
Next in the pecking order was birds with 22.4%.
Pharoh Hound, Mata
With dogs being the most popuar pet, it was interesting to see how the dogs became part of the family. Highest on the list was suprisingly from a friend with 23% of people saying they took on their four legged family member from friends or family.
Following this a large number of people purchased their pet from a pet shop (22.7%) or a specialist breeder (21.4%). Also on the list were strays at 18.7% and adopted at 14.2%.

Well although the smaller percentage of the nation, what did those say about why they do not have pets?
A huge number of people advised they just did not have the time to dedicate to look after the pet - 56.1%. Some 23.3% said they just did not have the space, 17% said they did not have any real interest and a small 3%, some may be able to relate to this said they could not have pets even they wanted to due to allergies.

Overall we now know that more Maltese own pets that the UK with approx 43% of households in the UK owning a furry, feathery or scaly friend.
Scuba Dog, Malta