All-inclusive Seabank Resort and Spa in Mellieha opening a new €1m complex

The all-inclusive Seabank Resort and Spa in Mellieha are opening a new complex. The complex comprises a bowling alley – a first for the north of Malta, three restaurants - The Jungle, TramunTaghna (Mediterranean cuisine), La Pellicola Restaurant (Italian cuisine) and last but not least a sports bar. The €1m project also has a teen hangout area and a children’s play house and club.

Seabank resort, MaltaSpeaking during the inauguration of a new entertainment complex at the db Seabank Resort & Spa, Hubert Debono, the general manager of Seabank, said The all-inclusive Seabank Resort and Spa in Mellieha hosted around 50,000 guests last year while 1,500,000 meals were prepared. The guests spent a total 360,000 nights.
Dr Zammit Lewis noted that the db Seabank Resort and Spa heavily invested in its product soon after it had placed 8th in the all-inclusive European resort category of the 2014 Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Award. He said that this award sends an important signal to the industry, that of quality.
While stating that the government was satisfied with the number of tourist arrivals, Dr Zammit Lewis emphasised that there’s room for improvement, the government should also serve as a catalyst for entrepreneurs so that they can invest further.

Worthy of note is that the Seabank Resort and Spa, Mellieha and San Antonio hotel, Bugibba – owned by the same group – would be investing a total €70m over three years.

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