Welcome to Malta

Welcome to Malta

Places to Visit in Qawra

Places to Visit in and around Qawra
For guests staying Qawra you have the lucky advantage of being in a location with an incredibly wide variety of activities on offer. Here at Chevron holidays we can highlight all the best places to visit in Qawra and Qawra attractions.

The town has two of the island’s most popular museums; the Malta Classic Car Collection Museum, and the Malta National Aquarium. The car museum is referred to as something of a hidden gem because it is quite hard to find the entrance. The entire museum is located underground and is like a car showroom mixed with a time machine. You’ll get to see some lovingly restored classic cars and bikes and get to know a little bit about the history of cars in Malta. The island has an extremely high number of cars per capita so it makes for quite an interesting little trip.
Malta National Aquarium
Another hugely popular Qawra Malta attraction is the Malta National Aquarium and it is a great chance to see what sea life around the Mediterranean is like too. It is a relatively new museum that is quickly becoming one of the most popular attractions on the island. Sometime the museum holds special Night at the Aquarium events which are effectively sleepovers for children to see exotic fish when the museum would usually be shut, giving kids a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what fish get up to at night.

Water sports also play a big part in Qawra with boat tours, diving excursions and Jet Ski rentals available at a number of locations along the bay. We highly recommend that you give one of these a try as the water here is known for being very clear.

If you want to know what special events are taking place in Qawra during your stay, have a look at our Malta events calendar highlighting all the big events taking place throughout the year.
Diving in Malta

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