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Places to Visit in Xaghra

Places to Visit in and around Xaghra
Xaghra is a great location for people who love nothing more than a good walk and the chance to explore in the fresh air. There are a number of Xaghra attractions and places to visit in Xaghra and the island is only 8 miles long at its widest points and a walk from your accommodation in any direction is a day well spent.

On the approach to Xaghra you will find the Ggantija Temples. Approximately 6000 years old, the temples are one of the oldest free standing structues on Earth. Here you can wonder in, around and through the ruins, factual information is dotted around the site making for a very interesting trip.
Ggantija Temples
Not far from the temple is the Stone Circle, an underground cemetary of the temple builders. The site was first excatvated in the early 90's but has since been covered up. Three horizontal blocks lay at the other end of Santa Verna Street, these are suggested to be remains of another temple on the site due to its similarities with other major temples.

Again not far from the temples is the Ta'Kola Windmill, one of the few surviving windmills built in 1725 dating back to the knights period, this windmill is still in working condition. Take a walk through the windmill and get a glimpse of local tradition and rural life in Gozo, it also houses one of the largest known collections of tools.
Ta Kola Windmill
The Church in Xaghra is one of the most beautiful churches in Gozo, its dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, locally known as Il-Vitorja, 'The Victory', so called because it celebrates the victory of the knights over Islam. The statue of the young Virgin Mary is the main attraction, brought from Marseilles in 1878.

Most tourists in Gozo will have to make a point of visiting Our Lady of Ta' Pinu Basilica, a pristine church that is known for its ornate design and sense of calm. It’s 3 miles west of Xaghra and has somewhat of a mystery around it as no one can tell when the church was originally built. It’s a great spot to visit in the afternoon to enjoy the clear scenery surrounding the entire area, and if you enjoy visiting attractions like this, you’ll want to know more about Churches in Malta and Gozo.
Xaghra Church
Just off the village square you can also visit two small stalagmitic caves, Ghar Ninu and Ghar Xerri. On a nearby side road from the church, leads to the legendary Calypso's Cave. It is said that Ulysses bewitched by the nymph spent seven years here. Once inside the cave their are amazing views of Ramla Bay and the valley - breathtaking.

Now if your idea of an afternoon jaunt involves a tipple, the Tal-Massar Winery is just the ticket. Drinking in Malta is a very cultured and engaging activity, and Maltese wine is highly underrated. A tour of this winery will show you how wine is made while letting you sample the different types of locally sourced wine and learn the process from those who know best.

If you want to find out more about what you can get up to in Xaghra, take a look at our Guide to Xaghra.

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